Fibonacci Calculator

Forex Fibonacci Calculator

To calculate fibonacci retracements and projections in this fibonacci calculator please enter the starting and the ending levels of a price move. The projections are by default calculated from the ending level of the price move. If you enter a price level into the "Custom Projection Level" cell (which might be required for calculating projection targets for some impulse waves), the projections will instead be calculated from this custom level. You can change all the cells that are coloured in red. 

You can enter your own retracement and projection percentages in the four custom fields that are available. "Reverse Retracement & Projection Calculator" allows to calculate retracement or projection percentage value of a price level in relation to the preceding price move. There might be slight discrepancies if you reverse-test retracements and projections calculated by the calculator itself - because of the rounding of the price levels.

Fibonacci Calculator      
Start End Custom Projection Level      
Fibonacci Retracements Fibonacci Projections    
23,6% 61,8%    
38,2% 100,0%    
50,0% 138,2%    
61,8% 161,8%    
76,4% 261,8%    
Custom Retracements & Projections    
Reverse Retracement & Projection Calculator    
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